Welcome to the Vivien-Verse
"has the internet become a human thing, or have we become the internet?"

hello! i'm vivien, but i sometimes go by the name kae on the internet! i'm a queer artist/writer based in manila, philippines. my work mostly comprises of super polished writing and graphic design, but i want to connect with the part of me that's just a little bit chaotic!

i'm a pisces sun and virgo rising (can you tell by my website layout?) and am super into the internet! i love learning about pre-social media culture and exploring the personal, hand-made web! (i have a list of cool blogs/personal websites here :-)

honestly, my whole identity revolves around a computer. i could spend hours browsing page after page, never getting bored. after spending a large part of my life on social media, the open web felt so freeing. the point of a blog isn't to sell yourself to an audience, but to express feelings of pure joy and love towards whatever you're writing about. its the love for the medium of coding and the desire to see myself immortalized in an otherwise ephemeral space that led me here.

dear reader, my blog will tell you more about me than i'd ever tell anyone out loud, but i don't know you. i wish it were possible to glimpse the lives of everyone who stumbles onto my page. i want to pass through this screen and say hello to you, maybe even give you a hug if you needed it. sometimes i even feel enough like a ghost to do so. however, we are all merely travellers in this realm. inevitably, we will close our laptops, phones, and go to bed.