Mission + Vision

1. to carve out my own corner of the internet. blogs are a honest and less performative way to express myself. social media is undoubtedly a melting pot of all beliefs, so it's impossible for any opinion not contradict another's. within this corner of the internet i can create whatever i want, say whatever i want, without fear of judgement. staying civil and respectful is, of course, of utmost importance anywhere, whether that be online or not.

2. progress over perfection. the point of writing isn't to create the best technically-written piece, but to create the most meaningful. writing is a tool for me to express the thoughts in my head in a way that makes sense to those around me. comparison kills creativity.

3. blogging is an act i do for myself. even as a write for an audience, the act of putting words to paper should be first and foremost, an act of love for myself. i don't blog to reach out, but rather to look introspectively. there is a sort of pleasure in keeping these little thoughts immortalized in text. that i felt this way, at this moment. looking back, every diary entry i've written feels like a plea to never forget. i use writing as a way to remember.